Eric Belkoff
    Eric Belkoff

    5 out of 5 stars

    posted 4 months ago

    Guy Flanter's office is very welcoming, friendly, and easily approachable. They start with a full consultation where they learn about you, your case, and how they can help you. They require you to get a lot of documents, but it is all to help you in the long run. Regarding payment, their prices were reasonable compared to other offices I had contacted and they were willing to work with me on a payment plan.

    Emmanuel Trach was the lawyer who represented me and he was always available to speak with when I needed consultation. He prepared me for every meeting I needed to go to and had great communication through email, phone, SMS, etc. The reasons why things took very long was because of the bureaucracy we were dealing with and had nothing to do with Emmanuel's competency.

    I suggest you go to Guy Flanter's office if you are in search of legal help. They will help you every step of the way.

    Yehuda H
    Yehuda H

    5 out of 5 stars

    posted 6 months ago

    I am very thankful and appreciative for the exceptional professionalism and efficiency of the Guy Flanter Law Group, especially the legal advocate who handled my case.
    Emanuel Trach.
    I had a difficult and complicated legal incident from my childhood, that was impeding my ability to advance in a specialized and elite career in the army. Emanuel Trach and the Guy Flanter Law company did an amazing and thorough job of assembling the case materials and step by step guiding me and preparing the affidavits and working with the top government security authorities , so that my advance in the army career was enabled, and the complicated legal incident was erased totally from the country's police files. Now I can continue on and advance in the higher echelons of the army and in life with a clean slate.
    With much appreciation to the dedication and professional services of the Guy Flanter law group and Emanual Trach legal advocate of the group.

    Dave F
    Dave F

    5 out of 5 stars

    posted 11 months ago

    I highly recommend Guy Flanter. He checked into and received clarification of my military record. His prices are reasonable and he was very professional.

    Danny Eliav Jewelry
    Danny Eliav Jewelry

    5 out of 5 stars

    posted 1 week ago

    נדרשתי לחדש רשיון לאקדח המצוי בידי יותר מארבעים שנה.מלאתי את כל החובות אולם איחרתי למטווח בכשבועיים ימים.(תדאגו לא לאחר)בגלל שינוי התבחינים מאז שקיבלתי הרשיון לא הסכימה הרשות לחדש הרשיון.
    הגשתי ערער ונדחתי.חיפשתי עורך דין לעזרה.מצאתי ברשת את משרדו של גיא פלנטנר.ניגשתי ופגשתי את עו"ד עמנואל טראץ'.עמנואל הראה בקיאות בנושא והציע מספר דרכים לפתרון למרות שלא הבטיח הצלחה ב 100 אחוז.
    החלטתי לחפש עורך דין נוסף.פנתי לשלושה שהציגו עצמם כמטפלים בנושא.אף אחד מהם לא הראה בקיאות כזו של עמנואל,אמרו שיש לבדוק את הנושא ושיש לתחייב לפני.
    חזרתי לעמנואל עמנואל הסביר בפירוט את התהליך והאפשריות.אחת האפשריות התממשה.המדינה החליטה לחדש לי הרשיון,להחזיר לי את ה2000 ש"ח(עלות פניה לבית המשפט )(טרם החזירו) לא צריך באפשרות זו להגיע לבית המשפט אולם אני מוותר על האפשרות לדרוש החזר הוצאות.בחרתי בדרך זו,קיבלתי הרשיון .
    לסיום לעמנואל ידע רב בנושא,דבריו מדוייקים וישרים .אני ממליץ להשתמש בשירותיו אם נדרש.שמי דניאל אליאב אפשר למצוא אותי ברשת ואני אאשר שהדברים כפי שכתבתי.

    יניב סמדר
    יניב סמדר

    5 out of 5 stars

    posted 4 weeks ago

    ברצוני להמליץ על עורך דין גיא פלנטר.
    עורך דין גיא הינו עו"ד יסודי, מקצועי ונעים הליכות - וכך גם יתר הצוות המקצועי שבמשרדו שנקרה בדרכינו : עו"ד ירדן ועו"ד אירנה.
    בשמי ובשם משפחתי ברצוני להודות לך על עבודתך המקצועית, היסודית, שיורדת לחקר האמת ולא מפספסת אף פרט - ושהובילה אותנו לחוף מבטחים.
    "יגעת ומצאת - תאמין" ...
    ואתה האמנת בנו, ואנו בך - ותודה לך על עבודתך המשפטית המסורה.
    ישר כח.

Guy Flanter, Law Office in Israel – Israeli Criminal Defense Attorney & IDF Israeli Military Lawyer



Who we are

  • Our firm practices Criminal & Military Law in Israel, focusing on representing clients who do not have a criminal record.
  • Apart from large corporations such as Banks and Telecom Companies, our client-base includes executives and professionals from all walks of life, including Lawyers, Accountants, Doctors and Civil servants, as well as members of the Israeli Police, Israeli Army and the various Israeli Security Forces.
  • Our clients share a common denominator: they are all people who generally go about their lives without hurting anybody, and when they come to us, it is probably the first time that they are in trouble with the law.

What we do – Our Areas of Practice

Israeli Criminal Defense Attorney

  • We are Criminal Trial Lawyers (Barristers). First and foremost, we conduct Criminal Litigation on behalf of defendants in the Israeli Criminal Courts.
  • As Criminal Lawyers we provide suspects under criminal investigation with legal counsel and prepare them for interrogation.
  • We represent suspects and defendants in Arrest & Bail Proceedings and in pre-trial hearings held with the State Prosecution.
  • We petition the Police and Prosecution to close pending criminal cases.
  • We petition Criminal Courts to cancel pending criminal indictments and petition the Israeli Attorney General to grant a stop to Criminal Proceedings.
  • We submit legal motions to the Criminal Courts to end criminal cases with a Non-Conviction and to cancel criminal convictions.
  • We submit Pardon petitions to the President of the State of Israel and ask that the President use his legal authority to erase criminal records.
  • Because we do not represent professional criminals, we are defined as White Collar Criminal Defense lawyers.

IDF Israeli Military Defense Lawyer

  • We are Israeli Military defense lawyers. We are certified to provide legal representation to military officers and enlisted soldiers of the Israeli Armed Forces in court martial proceedings held at the Military Courts.
  • We provide legal counsel & representation for deserters (defectors) from the Israeli Army, who seek to end their fugitive lifestyle.
  • We offer legal counsel to military personnel, under criminal investigation by the Israeli Military Police, and prepare them for interrogation.
  • We represent military personal in Arrest & Bail Proceedings held at the Military Courts.
  • We submit pardon petitions and petitions to erase criminal records, on behalf of military personal.

Disciplinary Proceedings

  • We provide legal representation in Disciplinary Proceedings, for Civil Servants, Police Officers and members of the various Israeli Security Services.
  • Furthermore, we represent various licensed professionals (such as Lawyers, Doctors, Accountants, and Insurance Brokers) in Disciplinary Proceedings.

Other specialized legal areas of practice include:

  • White Collar Crimes.
  • Corporate Crime.
  • Economic Crimes | Fiscal Crimes.
  • Money Laundering.
  • Sexual harassment
  • Antitrust Criminal Law.
  • Criminal Charges relating to accidents in the workplace.
  • Criminal aspects of Israeli Tax Law.
  • Domestic violence.
  • Criminal victims’ rights.
  • Licensing of firearms, guns and weapons.
  • Security clearance issues. 
  • Israeli Defense Export Control.

What you can expect from us

  • We deal personally with your legal matters and are available for you, at all times.
  • We will only represent you, if our caseload allows us to do so.
  • We give you an honest, full, and realistic picture of your legal position, based on a thorough examination of the facts and the relevant law.
  • We deal with your legal affairs expertly and professionally, relying on vast experience in the field of Israeli Criminal Law, a clear understanding of human behavior and independent thinking.
  • We guarantee complete discretion.
  • We operate under the highest standards of human decency and professional ethics.
  • We are sensitive to your special needs, allowing you to take a full part in the decision-making process regarding your case.
  • We are fully dedicated to your cause and your interests, using every legal option available to achieve the best result for you.

About Guy Flanter, Israeli Criminal & Military Defense Attorney

  • Guy Flanter comes from a South African and German background. He was born in Israel in 1965, raised and educated in Israel & the U.S., and is fluent in both Hebrew & English languages.
  • In 1983, Mr. Flanter was drafted to the Israeli Army. After graduating the Israeli Military Officers Training School with distinction, and selected as the finest cadet, He went on to complete Intelligence Officers training course, and later served in the Israeli Army, as Captain in the Intelligence Corps.
  • Immediately after finishing his Military Service, Mr. Flanter served in the Israeli Security Forces, dealing with Anti-Terrorism.
  • Mr. Flanter studied Law at Warwick University, England and graduated (1993) attaining LL.B with Honors.
  • In 1995, Mr. Flanter was admitted to the Israeli Bar Association.
  • As a young Criminal Lawyer, Mr. Flanter served on the legal defense team representing Mr. Simcha Dinitz (1995). Mr. Dinitz, Head of the Jewish Agency and former Ambassador to the U.S., was indicted for fraud at the Jerusalem District Court, but later acquitted of all criminal charges by the Israeli Supreme Court.
  • In the next 4 years, Mr. Flanter served in the Israeli State Prosecution, representing the State of Israel in various criminal cases as a Prosecutor. During these years, Mr. Flanter conducted criminal prosecutions in all the Peace Courts of the Central District, prosecuted “serious crime” cases in the Tel Aviv District Court and appeared in various Criminal Appeals for the State.
  • Mr. Flanter represented his fellow Prosecutors from the Central District in the National Organization of State Prosecutors, and was appointed member of a special Law Enforcement National Task Force, established to fight property related fraud.
  • In 1999, Mr. Flanter resigned from the State Prosecution and established an independent Law Firm that practices Criminal & Military Law in Israel, focusing on representing clients who do not have a criminal record.
  • Mr. Flanter is a certified Advocate in the Israeli Military Courts (2000). He serves as both a Prosecutor and Defense Attorney in disciplinary proceedings held by the Israeli Bar Association.
  • In 2007, the Israeli Attorney General appointed Mr. Flanter to represent the Ministry of National Infrastructure, as Prosecutor for the State in Criminal cases.
  • Mr. Flanter is a member of various professional committees in the Israeli Bar Association:
    • Criminal Procedure Committee.
    • Prosecution Committee.
    • Army & Security Committee.
    • Criminal Lawyers Forum.

Contact us- Guy Flanter, Israeli Criminal & Military Law Office:


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