Eric Belkoff
    Eric Belkoff

    5 out of 5 stars

    posted 3 months ago

    Guy Flanter's office is very welcoming, friendly, and easily approachable. They start with a full consultation where they learn about you, your case, and how they can help you. They require you to get a lot of documents, but it is all to help you in the long run. Regarding payment, their prices were reasonable compared to other offices I had contacted and they were willing to work with me on a payment plan.

    Emmanuel Trach was the lawyer who represented me and he was always available to speak with when I needed consultation. He prepared me for every meeting I needed to go to and had great communication through email, phone, SMS, etc. The reasons why things took very long was because of the bureaucracy we were dealing with and had nothing to do with Emmanuel's competency.

    I suggest you go to Guy Flanter's office if you are in search of legal help. They will help you every step of the way.

    Yehuda H
    Yehuda H

    5 out of 5 stars

    posted 5 months ago

    I am very thankful and appreciative for the exceptional professionalism and efficiency of the Guy Flanter Law Group, especially the legal advocate who handled my case.
    Emanuel Trach.
    I had a difficult and complicated legal incident from my childhood, that was impeding my ability to advance in a specialized and elite career in the army. Emanuel Trach and the Guy Flanter Law company did an amazing and thorough job of assembling the case materials and step by step guiding me and preparing the affidavits and working with the top government security authorities , so that my advance in the army career was enabled, and the complicated legal incident was erased totally from the country's police files. Now I can continue on and advance in the higher echelons of the army and in life with a clean slate.
    With much appreciation to the dedication and professional services of the Guy Flanter law group and Emanual Trach legal advocate of the group.

    Dave F
    Dave F

    5 out of 5 stars

    posted 10 months ago

    I highly recommend Guy Flanter. He checked into and received clarification of my military record. His prices are reasonable and he was very professional.

    ניר גרינברג
    ניר גרינברג

    5 out of 5 stars

    posted 4 weeks ago

    לאחר חיפושים בין משרדי עו"ד פלילי לטובת ייצוג שלי בתביעה הגעתי למשרדו של גיא פלנטר
    החלטתי להיעזר בשירותיו וכצפוי לאחר שיחה ראשונית ידעתי שאני בידיים טובות
    גיא השרה עליי ביטחון לאורך כל הדרך,כל עובדי המשרד דאגו להיות איתי בקשר שוטף תמידי לעדכן אותי על התפתחויות בתביעה ולתת לי להיות אופטימי לאורך כל הדרך !
    לאחר שניתנה החלטה בבית המשפט שלדעתי היה קשה להפוך אותה גיא עשה חיל וגרם לי לצאת באי הרשעה במקרה הבעייתי
    מקצוען , בעל יחסי אנוש, מביא את הדברים על דיוקם וביצע את עבודתו בצורה מופתית.
    למי שמחפש עו"ד מקצוען טוב יעיל ולהיות בידיים טובות ובמחיר הוגן רק אצל גיא !
    וזה חוות דעת ממקור ראשון !

    Dr Shacham
    Dr Shacham

    5 out of 5 stars

    posted 1 month ago

    אחרי שנים רבות מצאתי עצמי לפתע ללא האקדח שלי, הבקשה לתשלום האגרה לא הגיעה, (יעילות הדאר כנראה...) לכן לא שולמה ונאלצתי להפקידו במשטרה ולחפש פתרון לבעיה. על פי המלצת חברים פניתי לעו"ד טראץ' במשרד עורך הדין גיא פלנטר. מרגע הפניה טופלתי בחביבות, ביעילות ובהרגשה שאני "בידיים הנכונות". פניתו למשרד לבטחון פנים לא החמיצה שום פרט חיוני המתאר את עברי ונסיוני ומצדיק את החזרת האקדח. המשרד לבטחון פנים השתכנע והנשק הוחזר לי. התרשמתי מאד מהמקצועיות ומהיחס.
    דר' שחם, אילת

Who We are – Israeli Criminal & Military Defense Law Firm
providing our legal services all across Israel

Our Legal Team – Former Prosecutors, Military Police investigators and veterans of the Israeli General Security Service, dedicated to defending your rights


That we will personally handle their legal affairs.

That we will provide them with an honest and comprehensive picture of their legal situation (the risks and the prospects facing them), based on a thorough in-depth analysis together with and extensive and up-to-date legal knowledge in the field.

That we will handle their affairs with professionalism and expertise, relying on vast practical experience, human understanding and flexible thinking, and seek a creative and effective legal solution to the problem at hand.

That we will include them in the decision-making process regarding their case, be available and open to their inquiries and be patient and sensitive to their personal needs.

Our complete discretion.

That we will maintain the highest standards of integrity and ethical behavior.

That we will always act fearlessly, faithfully, devotedly and undauntedly on their behalf, exhausting any legal option to advance their interests.


We have thoroughly studied the “tools of the trade” of the other side, provided legal advice to investigators in their criminal investigations, guided investigators in gathering evidence and building a sustainable criminal case in court, and provided legal representation, in court, to Prosecution and Law Enforcement agencies in criminal legal proceedings, of all types and in all instances.

Within the framework of our work “on the other side”, we have accumulated vast practical legal experience, interrogated suspects and defendants, prepared numerous legal opinions, closed criminal cases in pre-trial hearings, formulated and filed indictments and represented the State in complex Criminal and Military cases as well as arrest and bail proceedings – confronting some of the best advocates in Israel (from whom we also had the opportunity to learn about litigating a Criminal case in court).

We understand how a prosecutor reviews evidence, what considerations and internal guidelines guide him, under which bureaucratic constraints he operates and what will persuade him to go in a certain direction, which would be favorable for our client.

Being former prosecutors and investigators ourselves, we have an in-depth and longstanding know-how of the other side, we understand how investigation and prosecution authorities “think” and operate, we know how to detect flaws and vulnerabilities in their conduct and their legal game-plan, to anticipate their legal moves and respectively – to realistically reflect to our client his legal position while  building an optimum line of defense.

We are familiar with most of the “players” in the investigation, prosecution and judicial authorities, at all levels, and are recognized ourselves amongst decision makers.

Security Clearance & Compatibility

Firearm licensing | Israeli Defense Export Control

Israeli Military Lawyer

Israeli Criminal Lawyer

Disciplinary Law | Professional Ethics

Security Clearance & Compatibility

Firearm licensing | Israeli Defense Export Control

On our web page “Criminal Lawyer – Types of Legal Services We Provide“, you can find accurate and detailed information pertaining exactly to the situation you are facing – with regard to the Criminal process

Through the stage of the pre-trial criminal hearing at the Israeli Prosecution (under Section 60A of the Criminal Procedure Law), in which a criminal lawyer on your behalf will attempt to persuade the prosecution authorities to refrain from filing a Criminal indictment against you

Through the stage of formulating an agreement with the prosecuting authority, that an indictment will not be filed and the criminal case be closed under conditional terms

Through situations in which, although the criminal investigation against you has ended, a criminal file remains open so legal action must be taken to close the criminal file, or a police record remains listed and legal action must be taken to expunge a police record or cancel a police record

Through the stage of the criminal trial itself, when a criminal indictment has already been filed with the court and now a criminal lawyer must formulate a viable line of defense and decide, together with you, on an appropriate legal course of action:

  • Cancellation of the criminal indictment;
  • Filing an application with the Attorney General for a stay in criminal proceedings;
  • Conducting a full-blown criminal trial, hearing the witnesses and the evidence, attempting to gain an acquittal in the criminal trial or, if acquittal is not a viable option, establishing a beneficial plea bargain with the prosecution authority.
  • Attempting to end the criminal legal proceedings with a non-conviction, despite a judiciary ruling that the accused indeed committed a criminal offense

Up to the stage when the criminal trial has ended with a criminal conviction, and now a criminal lawyer whose services you hired, must follow one of the following legal courses on your behalf:

  • Filing a criminal appeal.
  • Filing a clemency application for mitigation of punishment.
  • Filing an application for expungement of a criminal record

Alternatively, if the criminal investigation has concluded without an indictment being filed, and the criminal case has been closed, or the criminal proceeding in a court of law has ended in an acquittal – you may choose to hire the services of an Israeli Criminal Lawyer to perform legal actions to exonerate your name in public

On our web page “The various parties we represent in criminal proceedings“, we address each one of the different parties separately, due to the unique nature and different needs of each party to the proceedings:

  • Detainees, who we represent in arrest and bail proceedings.
  • Suspects, who we legally prepare for a criminal interrogation, and guide them with legal counseling during the investigation itself.
  • Accused persons, who we represent during the criminal trial stages and in the appellate courts.
  • Corporations & Corporate Officers, to whom our law firm provides counseling on criminal and disciplinary matters.
  • Complainants & Crime Victims who we provide legal advice on matters such whether to file a criminal complaint? Are they bound by law to make a complaint? With whom should they file their complaint? How to prove their allegations? What will the police do with their complaint? Furthermore, we make sure that that the complaint will not be disregarded by the investigative body and in appropriate cases, we file an appeal on the decision to close the case. Lastly, we guide crime victims with their dealings with the Israeli criminal justice system and provide them with legal advice during the criminal trial proceedings themselves.
  • In applicable cases, we file with the Israeli Criminal Court a private criminal action on behalf of victims of crime.
  • Minors, who we represent, either as suspects in a criminal investigation or as criminal defendants in Israeli Juvenile Courts. We regard the representation of minors and “young adults”, early in their lives, as a tangible service on our part, for the benefit of the public

Finally, on our web page “Criminal Lawyer – Offenses in which We Engage” we have addressed separately some of the criminal offenses in which we legally deal with

For immediate, professional and discreet Legal Counseling & Guidance
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  • Our firm’s website attempts to provide much more than just the firm’s  “calling card”.

  • A leading online site index describes our website in the following manner: “For people with no criminal record, who have for the first time in their lives, encountered difficulties with the law – and do not know where to start – this is the place to obtain important information on what they are facing. There are plenty of tips here (including how to choose a criminal lawyer), the issues are presented in an interesting and clear manner and even the design is clean and to the point. Highly recommended”.

  • In an effort to provide our readers with a good starting point into the world of Israeli criminal law, we have chosen to deal with issues such as  how to choose a criminal lawyer, what is essential for you to check on your way to hiring the services of a criminal lawyer, what to beware of and even – what considerations guide a criminal lawyer when setting his legal fees, and how you can protect your interests when engaging with an Israeli criminal lawyer. These tips are also relevant in choosing an Israeli military lawyer or an Israeli Attorney for representation in disciplinary proceedings.

  • Naturally, for people who are encountering a criminal proceeding or a disciplinary proceeding for the first time in their lives, the legal language may be completely undiscernible. Therefore, we have included on our web site a list of  basic concepts in the fields  which we handle: Israeli Military Law, Israeli Criminal Law and Israeli Disciplinary Law.

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